AI Solutions

Build your AI platform with IT infrastructure that’s flexible and unbounded. Our on-prem, cloud and hybrid options take into account your team’s location, access needs, security, and cost constraints, and our open systems use best-of-breed GPU and CPU technologies

With purpose-built AI-optimised solutions, you can quickly operationalise machine learning while turning data into a strategic resource with our data management platforms.

  • AI for Enterprise
  • AI for Financial Servicest
  • AI for Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • AI for Manufacturing
  • AI for Oil & Gas
  • AI for Power Automation

Manage costs, risks and returns

Get AI as a service with consumption-based solutions from CYI Consultancy, which combines the accessibility, flexibility and scalability of cloud with the security and cost benefits of on-prem infrastructure. Speed your transformation by unlocking capital trapped in legacy infrastructure with solutions

Speed the design and deployment of your AI strategy

No matter where you are in your AI journey, our experts can help you effectively design a future-ready AI strategy that makes use of industry-specific best practices while taking into account your unique situation and needs. We can help you move from AI PoC to production and ensure scalability to support new use cases and fast growth.

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